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  • Starboard Website 2011

    Starboard Website 2011

    Starboard just released their new 2011 website. Have a look. The new IQ concept gets featured on the main banner: the EVO is back with a a new intelligent fin system and the Quad IQ offers new tuning opportunities at its finboxes as well. The EVO IQ can be sailed with a single fin or twin fin setup and is available in technora, wood or wood carbon version. The Quad IQ can be sailed with a 4 fin or a twin fin setup and is available in wood or wood carbon version. The IQ concept is definitely a new innovation Starboard shows up with for 2011.
    Have a look and check out the new designs of the Evo, Quad, Kode, Carve or the Flare.

    The Starboard 2011 website is online.

    The IQ concept definitely opens a new dimension: you can trimm your board for the spot you are. Scott McKercher stated as following about the Quad IQ: Whats really cool is that youve now got a board that is adaptable to the conditions that are right for where you live, as well as where you want to travel. If Im at home sailing Margaret River, Australia or going up or down the coast looking for quality waves, I change between the Sideshore and Skate settings, depending on how the conditions or the type of turns Im wanting to achieve. With the Sideshore setting, I love the connected, gripping, driving sensation. They provide the ultimate power gouges, whilst still providing the ability to waft the fins when you smack a section. But if Im wanting to get more rotational in my connection with the lip, Id change it to the Skate set up, which transforms the board completely. I dont go to Sylt in Germany anymore these days, but if I was, then Id convert to the Onshore setting t o make it easier to get out, make it upwind and get better backside riding.

    The new innovative IQ concept of Starboard. Just click on the pic to get more infos about.

    Source; http://www.continentseven.com
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