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  • Pete Davies will manage world speed windsurfing

    Pete Davies will manage world speed windsurfing

    British windsurfer Pete Davies will be managing the ISWC Speed World Cup. Davies succeeds Markus Schwendtner, from Germany, who has several professional commitments and will not be able to dedicate his time to speed sailing.
    Schwendtner was the man responsible in the resurgence of speed sailing in the planet. Pete Davies has been involved in this windsurfing category for many years and was president of the ISAF class for speed windsurfing (ISWC).
    His experience as one of the organisers of the legendary Weymouth Speed week and a board member of the World Speed Sailing Council (WSSC), which presides over speed world records, should stand him in good stead with his new responsibilities.
    "I am apprehensive and excited about taking over the reigns of the tour. It is a tough time financially on a global scale but the demand for events by the riders has not diminished so with help from the rest of the speed council I am confident we can deliver a great tour and hopefully expand on what Markus has achieved."
    "The big initial change for 2011 will be the European tour which will take the best results from any three participating National competitions to crown the European king and queen of speed. The speed world championship venue is yet to be finalised so keep an eye on speedworldcup.com for more updates."
    Pete Davies is windsurfing since 1986. His best speed windsurfing results are 38.6 knots (500 metres) and 45.5 knots (GPS).

    Source; www.surfertoday.com
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