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  • Do You Want to Sail at 40, 45 or Even 50 Knots?

    When I first started writing this blog I didn’t expect that I would be writing that much about speed sailing! However, this past year I have become more involved in the GPS speed scene and the posts I have written about speed have been some of the most widely read so I guess that it is a popular topic.
    I grew up windsurfing on the East coast of the UK near The Ray, made famous by Dave White – former production board world record holder and editor for the UK’s Boards Mag. We spent many of our school holidays at Portland Harbour in the South West, home of the 2012 Olympic windsurfing medal race, which was – and still is – the location of Weymouth Speed Week and where speedsurfer-turned-Maui-Realtor Fred Haywood and crew tried to break the old 30 knot barrier many years ago. I remember the speed needles of my youth (early to mid 90’s) and lots of guys trying to go really fast but the speed buzz died out around the world and production boards such as the Bic Allegro and F2 Sputnik became historic relics. Just as past trends come back into fashion, it has been great to see that speed seems to be the hot topic once more and manufacturers are making more and more specialist gear for the avid GPS enthusiast again.

    Production board world record holder in the 90's (thanks to Dave White)

    One thing I have learned is that speed sailors love their fins! Today I am going to introduce a new fin concept for the dedicated speed sailors out there. While asymmetric speed fins have been around for a while the idea of a wide based and short asymmetric is a bit different. That’s not it; these new fins will be sold according to a speed rating rather than by size. So you choose how fast you are looking to go and select the fin accordingly, so you want to go 40 knots you choose the 40 knot version, if 45 knots is your target average speed then the 45 knot version is you weapon, the final version the 50 knot version not surprisingly is for people aiming to break world records. Maybe in the future there will be a 55 knot version, but I think windsurfing is a little way off that at the moment. Each fin in the range comes in a starboard tack (which seems to be the favored tack for speed courses around the world) and port tack variants. These new fins from Black Project are not officially launched in their production form yet (expected later this year) but some will be available by special order from now onwards on a limited edition basis for those wanting to get ahead of the pack on the GPS-SpeedSurfing.com rankings.

    The Black Project Type X - This is the 40 knot Starboard version

    You may not be aware that there is a great Gorge Vs New England Vs Hawaii competition run yearly called the HAM Challenge, which I took part in last year and hope to be part of in 2011 as well, last year Hawaii came 2nd but I am confident that we can change that this year (with the help of the Type X).
    For more information about the Type X as this range is known, check out the Black Project Fins website.

    Source; windsurfingmag.com
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    1. pompier's schermafbeelding
      pompier -
      deze heb ik ook nog gehad de f2 sputnic
      met een tekening van gorbatsof er op toen een supper snelle plank
      er na nog de witte versie gehad dat was de world cup id
      toe reden we naar calet wicent om te gaan surfen
      zalige tijden met wild camperen in de duinnen en de bukers op het strand
    1. Pat@G's schermafbeelding
      Pat@G -
      Nog eens herlezen vandaag. Once you go Black.....
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