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    AVANTI SAILS , Welcome to the Machine…

    Avanti was born out of a core collaboration between Dan Kaseler and Finian Maynard. With 40-years of combined experience, Kaseler and Maynard bring an outstanding skill set and lasting passion to the windsurfing market. Between 2003 and 2005 Maynard made sailing history by breaking three WSSRC speed sailing world records using Kaseler’s sail designs. Smashing the outright speedsailing records, while bringing the title back to windsurfing after an eleven year absence, is still considered a major milestone in the sport of windsurfing. These historic successes resulted in a longtime friendship between Maynard and Kaseler, and serve ultimately as the foundation for the Avanti ethos.

    Avanti was not created by these two alone. Countless forward-thinking persons got caught up in the excitement and promise of the Avanti movement. Many great engineers, technicians, and supporters were irresistibly intrigued by the question of what could be created if one dared off the beaten path. Each helped grow Avanti, pushing our technologies into the realm of tomorrow. Debuting with the lightest, most sophisticated sails and masts on the market, and structured around an innovative modern distribution system, Avanti can already be considered a leader in windsurfing racing technologies.

    Together we sincerely invite you to join us.

    In the development of this ‘beauty’ no ston
    e has been left unturned.
    The Machine M-1 is the result of a relentless eleven month development cycle of prototyping and testing, both in the lab, and on the water.. It incorporates sophisticated design elements never before properly implemented in windsurfing.
    Every brand in existence today will claim that they have the “best” high-performance racing sail on the market. All bias aside, the performance of this new weapon from Avanti is unmistakable.
    Welcome to the Machine…
    The Machine M-1 has an array of features unmatched in windsurfing today.

    • The sail body consists of a custom 100% Technora fiber loadpath membrane weighing in 15% under anything else in the marketplace.
    • Mid-body fiber is spaced wide, while at the corners Technora DPI increases to match natural load concentrations.
    • 7 real carbon tube battens (6.9-10.0), 6 carbon tube battens (5.5-6.1) provide a rock-solid skeleton.
    • Proprietary lamination process utilizes computer laid fiber and the the most high-tech adhesive available.
    • Coming in four sizes, brand new Avanti Arc Cams feature extra round sidewalls that add camber at the critical leading edge.
    • Premium Avanti CZL luff sleeve material gives exactly the right elasticity, durability and response.
    • Lightweight overlapping batten pockets yield rig and performance symmetry.
    • Patent pending ‘C-Clip’ clew closure system makes rigging a snap.
    • A full range of new plastics, including batten tensioners, headcaps and cam shims all purpose built.
    • Super lightweight ‘Nylatron’ tack pulley wheels save weight and allow easy downhauling

    more info at : www.avantisails.com
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      Nog enkele plaatjes op de Avanti website; http://www.avantisails.com/sails/gallery
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