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  • Fanatic Falcon Slalom 79

    Fanatic Falcon Slalom 79

    Fanatic introduces a new size Falcon 79 to their high performance 2012 Falcon line. The board will be available beginning of April 2012.
    Fanatic Brand Manager Craig Gertenbach explains:

    “Over the last few seasons, we have seen slalom growing from strength to strength, in both classic slalom racing, but also GPS sailing where in lighter winds slalom boards are used. However we have also seen a “gap” in between our smallest slalom board and the biggest/widest speed board. So a lot of speed sailors are looking for a slightly bigger board than our Falcon Speed 51(51cm wide) for gusty, inconsistent conditions with bigger sails. Whilst a lot of slalom sailors who are not limited to the PWA 3 board rule, are looking for a smaller board than the Falcon 89 (59cm wide), especially for using in high winds with smaller sails. So we asked our Slalom R&D Manager and top World Cup sailor, Peter Volwater, to work with our Dutch speed expert, Peter de Wit, to find a board that could work for both worlds. During the intensive R&D phase, Peter&Peter and Fanatic shaper Sebastian Wenzel, found the perfect combination of control, speed, lift and power, to work with a big variety of sail sizes and water conditions. At 56cm wide, the Falcon 79 is the perfect high wind slalom machine, whilst at the same time the solution for all speed/GPS sailors, looking for that “missing link” for less than perfect days to hit incredible top end speeds. After seeing the incredible top end speeds this board reached in the R&D phase, we are more than excited to see what our team can do with it now!”

    Source; continentseven.com
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    1. Pat@G's schermafbeelding
      Pat@G -
      dus toch weer naar de 80l versie. Natuurlijk zal die beter aanplaneren, zeer goede controle hebben in choppy condities, een ongelooflijke eindsnelheid op vlak water. Oh ja, en gijpeeeeeen. De missing link.Gelukkig heb ik nog de 80 uit 2007/2008.Indertijd kon die beter aanplaneren, goede controle in choppy condities, een ongelooflijke eindsnelheid op vlak water, en ja: gijpeeeeeeeen. Board is iets (5cm) korter geworden en 1 cm breder, dus waarsch. ietje dikker.
    1. coach koen's schermafbeelding
      coach koen -
      pat moesten we eens een paar spuitbussen kopen, en wat tape, zouden we zo niet veel geld uitsparen ?
    1. Pat@G's schermafbeelding
      Pat@G -
      Ik ga haar niet overschilderen, dan spaar ik nóg meer geld uit .
    1. pompier's schermafbeelding
      pompier -
      En zonder extra verf. Blijft ze ook lekker licht
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