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Crossfire : Welcome in the Lab Fin Project

About 18 months ago, Select Development Team started an ambitious project : replacing the very successful Caspar Speed. With the collaboration of Peter de Wit and Caspar Verhaagen, we now offer as part of our new line Fin Lab Project, two new speed fins : the Caspar Crossfire and the Caspar Crossfire Wide.

The Crossfire is a very elegant and slim looking fin, its designed with one thing in mind, “efficiency”. All parameters influencing efficiency are carefully balanced, enabling an incredible speed potential. Speed without compromises is the buzz word here. Due to its extreme high efficiency, already very high speeds are accessible with moderate winds.The Crossfire Wide model comes to play when you like to handle excessive wind power or you like to sail with a little bit of extra control, or sailing in shallow waters. The Wide model has due to the wider foil a little less efficiency. Both fins share the same type of profile and are very well suited to deliver power into the 50+ knots area.

The birth of the Crossfire fins was an intensive project, taking the best part of 18 month development time. Prototypes were named the “Ultra”. The clear aim was: Increase all aspects of the speed potential of the Caspar Speed but at the same time, keep the forgiving character and up wind capabilities. We are glad to present the results:
  • Improved acceleration under load
  • Increased top speed also during heavy fin loading
  • Higher speeds at relative low wind strength due to extreme high efficiency
  • Substantial higher average speed on 500 M and the Nautical Mile
  • Increased grip and power per cm compared to the Caspar speed
  • Wide model available when control is more important than efficiency
  • Flex and twist are optimized to enable the highest fin efficiency
For equal sail experience, please order the Wide model 3 to 4 cm shorter than the Crossfire

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