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A seconde to none Woman adventure !

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A complete team around the challenge

This challenge is seconde to none experience as it is the first time the crossing will be done on a classical windsurfing board "one everyone can find on the beach " . Sarah Hebert will be followed by an escort boat for her full security. she will stop at night to sleep on the boat., after having previously taken the GPS coordinates of the rendez-vous with the Neptune (following Catamaran). This, willl also be able Sarah to leave the next day the same point. The objective, is to have the maximum transparency for this challenge! The crew members of the Neptune (following boat) is composed of , three professional sailors, a cameraman and also photographer .

Historical : major crossings Windsurfing

- 1984 : Crossing from Dakar to French Guyana by Christian Marty 37 days, on a classic board from the 80's.
- 1986 : Traversée from Dakar to French island La Guadeloupe by S. Peyron and A. Pichavant on a special double windsurf with cabines
- 1987 : Crossing of the North Atlantic on a special windsurf boat with cabine by S. Peyron
- 2000 : Crossing from Senegal to the french island La Martinique by R. Le Gouvello on a special windsurfing boat with cabine

My motivations

- to live a unique experience and to go over my limits
- Establish a reference time on the this kind of challenge
- Be the subject of scientific study in cardiology on the theme of "extreme sport with a defibrillator".
- Use media coverage to communicate on the defibrillator and heart probleme, to inform people, to reassure them , and talk about the problems faced by carriers in our society.

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  1. astroboy's schermafbeelding
    mega! zalige beelden ook. leuke website met veel updates!
  2. astroboy's schermafbeelding
    Damn. Ons Sarah heeft voorbij halverwege moeten opgeven. Super jammer! Wat een avontuur!
  3. Bartsurft's schermafbeelding
    Hier nog een interview met de dame in kwestie:

    Party on February 22 Dakar rally to the island of Guadeloupe in windsurfing, it's finally March 6 Sarah Hebert had to throw in the towel when he sailed across the Atlantic, the Transatlantic Windsurf , due to of anemia that required rest and recovery rebuilders. Recovered from her emotions and now rested, she returns with Windsurfjournal.com on this human and sporting adventure which will remain a great memory forever ...
    Windsurfjournal.com: Arriving last Monday and have taken the time to rest on Neptune's Car and earth, what do you do analysis of this passage unfortunately aborted?
    Sarah Hebert: So a positive analysis, what an amazing adventure! Find themselves in windsurfing at the mid-Atlantic who booked me the worst of its seas and trade winds its most violent, it was huge, I really like being in a Greek myth and Neptune was there beneath my feet to make fun of my many rebounds. Stopping it is obvious to me, the best thing I had to do was to listen to my body and accept that nature is always the strongest.

    WJ: The disappointment is, one imagines, to go, what positives come out however you think?
    SH: Having managed to carry my message and that people have entered, is to me the greatest victory. After all these eventful years, I managed to stay on track with my passion, today "With the heart anything is possible" is more than ever a reality. This is only a postponement.

    WJ: What are the intangibles that you had not prepared or who came to you and make it particularly difficult?
    SH: I do not expect a sea also removed, in fact it is a mix between all spots the hardest I've ever met, Pass Touho in New Caledonia, the spot of Sotavento in Fuerte, the output of Quiberon Bay when the Gulf of Morbihan his discharge thousands of gallons of salt water, the swell Polynesian ... In short a real-time bridesmaid. Shoot in these conditions of wind and sea was very complex. My obsession was always to shoot to stay the course but more fatigue and less came I held my course. I expected me bludgeoned the mug at night in the boat follower, but in view of the head of the crew in the morning, we were not expecting to have as much trouble to recover. Must say that sleeping in a shield that is not obvious!

    WJ: If you had to keep a single image, a single moment of those long hours on the water, or which would it be?
    SH: There were so many unique moments, magical. There was this departure to Dakar Ngor On the famous beach, fishermen around me and promised me they would pray for me, I thought it was beautiful, the sun rose. And then of course this whale, with a few hundred yards ahead of me, suddenly sprang from the ocean, my heart stopped, and then as if to say that I was not dreaming, she jumped again. There, right under my feet in this vast blue quietly whole world was going through.

    WJ: After analysis of this passage, how would you go you one next time, what do you think we should improve?
    SH: Experience is the best gift I get through this first major project. Tomorrow I'll still be better organized to mount an expedition, I will know better my needs, constraints and risks of such a challenge, which will allow me to go further. I already know that my physical preparation, technical, logistics was good, as many positives to retain and develop. Anyway, what is certain is that the ocean is the element where I feel most at home!

    WJ: You have learned of the death of Vincent Mellouet during your journey, it was a special moment for you that sometimes crossed in Britain?
    SH: Yes, Peter Bouras, photographer and cameraman on board and I have been deeply touched by his death, in addition to our home spot. When I go back to Santa Barbara I think of him. Let the sea carry you Vincent. My thoughts are with his family and his beloved Blandine. The news came to us on the day of my discomfort, I was reminded that life is precious and a sporting challenge is not worth it leaves ours. And while Vincent is gone, it can go forever with us on this beautiful spot, with the heart and kindness which characterized it.

    Bron: http://www.windsurfjournal.com/artic...interview,1172
  4. astroboy's schermafbeelding
    Wat een kl*tetaaltje :-)...